Boom Lift in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Boom lift is an aerial platform that’s used by people to reach high elevations.

It is set on a van or truck, consisting of a bucket or a platform with a crane attached to it. Because of the hydraulic lift, it is flexible enough to manoeuvre throughout obstructions.

Different industries and professions such as construction, electrical repair, and window cleaning require working in high places. We help professionals from different industry do their main task at high height site using our fleet of boom lifts. 

We provide new and well maintained boom lifts available for rent such as genie model, articulating, self propelled, telescopic, truck mounted booms, diesel engine powered booms with different capacity, technical spec, max weight load, and lifting power.

Boom lift is very useful machinery product that allows you to use it to perform duties such as the following:

– Painting (Outside)

Painting is a meticulous job that requires the right tools and equipment for a smooth finish. It can become more challenging when you have man that are working on a tall building’s exterior. Boom lift machines can help you carry the tools you need, and allows you to paint areas that are hard-to-reach.

– Harvesting

Before it was called the boom lift, this machinery was known as “cherry picker”. Tall trees that bear fruits can be difficult to harvest. Thanks to the boom lift, you don’t have to break a sweat because you can easily manoeuvre it into the area and space you need to be.

– Servicing Lines

Servicing and maintenance of transmission, telephone, or cable lines is tough because the poles are hard to climb. Doing this job can even jeopardize someone’s life due to falling or electrocution. With the help of our booms and operator, you can be lifted and lowered easily via the platforms to view and access the high cables without putting your life in danger.

These are only a few of the many uses of a boom lift. Doing tasks in elevated areas just got safe, easier, and faster. You don’t need to exert a lot of effort to complete a job because when you hire this type of machine, it allows you to do anything with minimal effort with safety in mind as long as your men have the proper training on how to operate these machinery.

If you need to work on something that needs elevation, you are now aware of the type of machinery you need to search, find and look for.

For more information on our pro boom lift services, please call, email our customer support and sales team or fill in an enquiry form for further assistance and details.