All Terrain Forklift Rental

All Terrain Forklift Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

One of our company’s main rent service solutions is in all terrain forklift rental especially for locations in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, and Selangor, Malaysia.

To find and purchase an all terrain forklift is a major investment for any business, not only does the initial outlay cost money, the upkeep, fuel, and other expenses related with the machine adds up over years of service.

Even if you are able and can fully justify the cost of a forklift solution for your business to your management, every business has peak periods that must be met with peak performance; can a single all terrain forklift meet the parts and material handling needs and demands of your peak period?

This article is all about the many advantages of hiring an all-terrain forklift over purchasing one, and how it can be an effective tool for making your business more profitable.

Benefits of an all terrain forklift hire from us:

Flexibility – Hiring a forklift for your business offers you a great deal of flexibility. This point is the big overarching benefit that most of the other points will fit under; hiring a forklift offer your business an enormous range of flexibility with your forklift demands whether at the construction site.

Range of models to choose from – When buying a forklift you are locking yourself into one type of forklift that will presumably be used for the life of the vehicle, when hiring you get access to an entire fleet of vehicles, which you can swap and change as you go, depending on the length of the lease you sign up for.

No maintenance required – When buying a forklift you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle, when hiring it is the responsibility of the leaser to maintain and upkeep the vehicle to the correct safety regulations and standards. Leave the maintenance to the experts and free up your time by hiring a forklift.

Try and see – If you are seriously considering buying an all terrain forklift for your business then hiring the model you are considering purchasing is a great way to test drive your model of choice and see if it really is a good fit for your company and the needs of your warehouse.

Latest models – Another great benefit of hiring over buying is that you can get access to all the latest models and advancements, which means that you will have more productive and fuel efficient vehicles which means in turn that you will save even more money!

No major outlay – Buying a new rough or all terrain forklift is a major investment that will cost you thousands of dollars! Eliminate the need for a major fork out by hiring until you are confident of finances and your need for a forklift.

Meet your demands – Peak seasons over Christmas or end of financial year periods can severely test your warehousing system, prop up your team with the use of fork lifts especially to load product and reach items at a certain height.

Besides forklifts, we also help provide pallet reach trucks, straight arm skylifts, telehandler of different capacity and operator man who have undergone the proper training for our customers job use – whether for short or long term.

Please call to speak to our available customer support and sales service representative right now to request for an all terrain forklift you are looking for to rent at your city location today.


We hired 2 all terrain forklifts from Gigamach for 3 days to assist with operations at our company’s construction site. Thank you for great service! Will shall contact your company again for future assistance.


The Gigamach team provided good customer service, affordable all terrain forklift rentals rates and quality service for my business in Bandar Baru Klang. Thank you for the great service!


I am delighted with the speedy response from Gigamach team on the 3 ton all terrain forklifts rental for our company. Everything was arranged well and the forklift were rented to us the next day!

Huat Heng

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