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We are experienced company that provide equipment movers service in locations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia.

The relocation of equipments or process of moving equipments for office or local or large commercial manufacturing business use is one of the most important and critical part of the entire relocation process of a business project. Because the main business production operations is dependent on them, it is imperative that all equipments be moved from the original equipment room to a new destination within the prescribed time. Under such circumstances, we need to have a detailed equipment relocation plan.

Only in accordance with the prepared plan, can we restore the equipment for operational use in a short period of time and minimize any downtime. Therefore, we need to fully consider the entire equipment relocation process. Do make special arrangements for each part of the work and remove any hidden dangers before relocation to ensure that the equipment relocation can be completed smoothly.

So what do we need to consider before moving equipments?

– Dismantling and storage of the equipment (pre-move)

The first step in moving the equipment is to dismantle the equipment. When the equipment is dismantled, it requires a certain amount of manpower and material resources. You can get your own staff to perform the dismantling work or engage Gigamach’ team to do the job. After the equipment is dismantled, the equipment must be stored at the warehousing location for transportation.

– The cost of moving the equipment

The equipment should be taken good care of and adequately packed, load and suitably wrapped before transporting it to its new location to withstand the conditions during the transportation journey. After the equipment is stored, the equipment will then be transported by land using trucks, air or sea freight.

It is crucial that the moving of the equipment to be handle using the right tools and lift machinery and treated carefully during transportation to prevent equipment damage. Hence, do choose a reliable equipment mover like us with years of experience safely moving rigging, plant, safe and other type of equipments in Malaysia and to international locations.

Companies should also ensure that after the equipment is delivered and installed at the new site, their professional workers needs to perform complete safety test on the equipment to ensure that it has been installed properly.

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We hired the Gigamach equipment mover team to assist with our company’s factory equipment to Klang. Thank you for providing us with a fairly good service. We appreciate it very much!


We hired Gigamach to support us with our equipment moving last February. Their team executed the move of our company’s equipments well! Thank you for the excellent service!


We recommend the equipment mover service by Gigamach. They carried out the moving of our factory equipment smoothly and safely to our new location in Shah Alam! Great and thank you!


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