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Freight Shipping in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our professional freight shipping service is one that simplifies all your export and import needs.

Search and find no more. Our pro company team, facilities and carrier are equipped to provide freight shipping transport services to commercial companies, business owners and even individuals that are hassle less.

In order to provide freight shipping transport services, our freight transport company should be allowed to carry different types of goods by the truckload and it is authorized. We hold a valid license and certifications from accredited agencies so we are legitimate.

Besides using our freight shipping service, we are able to offer a wide range of transport solution, such as freight via road, rail, air and sea ocean shipment transport, to transport anything from light goods to heavy equipment and machinery.

Once you hire our transport services company, we will take responsibility for the transportation of your goods from your place or locations to the port and vice versa, from loading to unloading.

Among the important functions of a freight shipping company is the collection and delivery of goods from door to door / destination, customs clearance, insurance, containers, overseas shipments, tracking of goods and services. And in real day time, provide constant support during the shipping process; from pickup to delivery.

Best Delivery Price Rate

Numerous factors determine the total cost of freight ship transport such as the weight and size of the load. One of the main contributors to global rates is the type of transport options. Shipping prices also differ from one service provider to another.

Our management offer the best freight shipping prices as compared to other national shipping companies. Many people choose to use our freight shipping service company in shipping their goods.

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Our Freight Shipping Service

If you want to import a single car or a cargo of large load of goods for international export, choose our freight shipping service always since we have a good work reputation in this industry and also we are reliable.

Other considerations that we possess include experience, the variety of full shipping solutions we offer, certifications, insurance coverage, worry-free customs clearance, cargo maintenance, storage and warehousing, nature of delivery Рexpress or standard, track delivery orders, reasonable price package, custom customers support, and delivery terms.

Please call or email our customer and sales service office personnel for help right now for more information, request for a new quote and to arrange for a FREE site survey and arrange for freight shipping services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia from us today.


We hired the Gigamach team to provide us with freight shipping services to our major client overseas last week for our company. Thank you for good service! Our items arrived on time to our client.


Very attentive customer service when I was liaising with them to arrange for an urgent freight shipping service for our export cargo. The friendly sales representative ensured that I received the quotation quickly for my boss’s approval and sign-off.

En. Ali

Overall the sea freight and freight shipping services that has been provided for our company has been arranged smoothly during the handling of our shipments. We look forward to you becoming one of our long term working partner.

Mr Eugene Lim

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