Tower Crane Rental Service

Tower Crane Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Gigamach Sdn Bhd provide tower crane rental service in city locations in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, and Selangor, Malaysia.

tower-crane-rental-service-kuala-lumpurThere are many top models of tower cranes for rent and the technical characteristics of tower crane drivers are also different. Our fleet of new and well maintained tower cranes for hire includes a wide option of makes and models with varying hook heights, jib lengths and lifting and weight capacities.

Select the appropriate self-erecting tower crane for your industry and projects from our range of cranes. Among the parameters, the most important are the main parameters: amplitude, maximum amplitude lifting and lifting height.

However, when determining the main parameters, it is also necessary to determine which form of tower crane to use whether it is a climbing tower crane which is also known as an attached tower crane, self erecting tower crane, pitch-variable boom-type tower crane, or a trolley-variable horizontal boom-type tower crane and its load and lifting capacity and the rough terrain that it will be used at.

Safety checklists are use for our own tower crane rental. First of all, the “safety checklist” of the tower crane should include the name of the project, the name of the construction and the supervision unit, and the model and manufacturer of the tower crane are also essential.

As for the date of inspection and the date of filing, of course, it cannot be lacking. Secondly, in the tower crane safety checklist, the two major premise of “construction work environment” and “technical material” are also recorded as memorandum, thus leaving valuable clues for future investigations.

It is important to check whether the installation job of the frame and parts are stable and reliable, whether the limit safety device is complete and effective, whether the hoists and brake is sensitive and reliable, whether the rope protection is effective as the cable rope must be reliably anchored with a wire rope of 9MM or more, and whether the basket has a safety door. Other important elements to check is whether the side baffle and the floor unloading platform are tightly protected, the lightning rod and the grounding are reliable.

The tower cranes that are rented do not meet the safety technical requirements at the site or building may cause hidden accidents that could be avoided.

Our pro team of man will work together with your project team members to ensure that these safety aspects of the tower cranes rentals are adhered to during the project duration time.

Besides tower cranes, we also offer mobile cranes, crawler cranes and boom lifts for our clients.

Act right now! Please call to speak to our customer service and sales representative to request for more info and our tower crane rental service available for your company today.


We hired the Gigamach pro team to provide us with a horizontal jib tower crane with maximum jib length up to 80 m for our company’s use at the project site in Klang. Thank you for reliable service! We look forward to your tower crane support on our other upcoming projects.

Encik Hasnul

The Gigamach team provided affordable rental rate to our company for 2 static tower crane for our company’s use that was able to withstand a max load of 18,000 kg and 12,000 kg respectively. Thank you for the great tower crane support and service from your team.

Mr. Raju

The flat-top tower crane rental service with a maximum jib length of 75 metres from Gigamach was recommendable from the customer service and the tower crane operators and supervisor for our construction project in Kuala Lumpur. They ensure that the lifting works were carried out safely and efficiently. Thank you.

Mr Chan

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