Sky Lift in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Sky lifts are commonly used by businesses for various purposes. Read on to find out what are the main advantages and characteristics of sky lifts.

Used for wide range of work: The characteristics of traditional scaffolding require manual scaffolding. Generally speaking, the working range can only be operated within the scope of the built scaffolding, and it is generally impossible to work in places where it is not accessible.

skylift-rental-22-metersSkylifts are generally rotatable, free to move, and fast lifting features. Sky lifts are widely used in various engineering construction, equipment installation, plant maintenance, exterior wall cleaning and maintenance of the outer section of the building, to service street light, film and television shooting and other places in the city.

High safety factor: any high-altitude operation has a certain degree of danger risk, hence safety is the primary prerequisite for high-altitude operations. High-altitude vehicles have protective measures such as guardrails, tilt protection, and anti-pinch, which are incomparable with traditional scaffolding.

It is very important to find a sky lift rental company that has experience and standardizes the operations of their sky lift, control and effective management of the use process, and to do routine maintenance and close maintenance of aerial work vehicles to ensure safety when work is carried out, reduce equipment down time and maintenance costs.

The skylift operator should be licensed and passed the required driving and operating training of the skylift vehicle at the site during the day. The operator charges is usually according to the hours or daily rate. Search no more as we are able to help support and provide a skylift operator for your job or project work.

skylift-hire-selangorAdvanced new technology: adaptive floating device, fault self-diagnosis technology, anti-collision sensor device, hydraulic automatic leveling system is equipped with general high-altitude vehicles, domestic and international high-altitude car technology is also increasingly mature.

High reliability: the engine, key hydraulic components, electrical components are all international brands, designed in accordance with international safety standards.

Higher reach: The height of scaffolding is generally not that high. It is mainly determined by its safety performance. With the development of technology, it is very easy to access and reach the height of 40 meters above the height of the skylift which could not be achieved using traditional scaffolding.

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