Electric Boom Lift Rental

Electric Boom Lift Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our company provides electric boom lift rental which is mainly concentrated at locations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia.

Are you looking for an electric boom lift rentals service? The chances are that you need to know certain things before you decide which company to engage and the type of electric boom lift you are looking to rent. We have available a compiled list of must-know things before you take the decision.

Whether you’re renting a mini scissor lift, forklifts, low loaders, telehandler, or an indoor electric boom lift ensure that you go through the following checklist which can able to help you to look, search and decide smoothly with the best cost-effective solution.

Factors to consider before hiring our electric boom lifts solutions:

  • The height of the lift: Before you engage an electric boom lift rental service, you need to know the model and the height of the lift. 
  • Type and width of tyres: You can go for flat tyres or the foam-filled tyres for the rented boom lift.
  • Weight (in lbs) and capacity (ton) of the boomlifts: What sort of items you want to load, lift and transport using the boom lift or the tasks that needs to be performing utilizing the boom lift?
  • Boom lift aerial platform working access area: If you’re working on a ground it is okay to use a small working area, but on the way up you need a larger platforms working access area.

Why you should engage our electric boom lift rental service?

  • Our team of experience staff can help advise you on the type of boom lifts that is most suitable for your company.
  • We understand the time factor that is needed especially in our boom lift hire service. Hence, we work efficient to deliver and transport the requested safe and properly maintained boom lift to your location.
  • Reliable service support. We offer during and after service support which means you don’t need to worry about what will happen once you have rented our boom lift. We also have boom lift operator man and manpower that have undergone proper training that prioritizes safety to support your operations. Our team is here to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • We provide a range of customized boom lift rental services for each client of different time period, type of manlift (such as articulating, telescopic, diesel power, genie model booms) and manpower support at the rough construction site location.

Please speak to our sales and customer service representative now via email or phone call to request for a new quote for electric boom lift rental service in your areas at special price rates today. Or fill in an enquiry form for more information.

Our Articulating Boom Lifts & Specifications

  • Platform Height: 22.55 m / 74 ft
  • Horizontal Outreach: 15.80 m / 52 ft
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 230 kg / 507 lb
  • Platform Height: 18.42 m / 60 ft
  • Horizontal Outreach: 12.07 m / 40 ft
  • Platform Capacity – Restricted: 454 kg / 1001 lb
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 230 kg / 507 lb
  • Platform Height: 13.72 m / 45 ft
  • Horizontal Outreach: 7.62 m / 25 ft
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 249.50 kg / 550 lb
  • Platform Height: 10.33 m / 34 ft
  • Horizontal Outreach: 6.06 m / 20 ft
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 230 kg / 507 lb

Our Compact Crawler Boom Lifts & Specifications

  • Platform Height: 21.10 m / 69 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.99 m / 3 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 120 kg / 265 lb
  • Platform Height: 16.67 m / 55 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.79 m / 3 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 120 kg / 265 lb
  • Platform Height: 11.80 m / 39 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.79 m / 3 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 120 kg / 265 lb


Our company hired an electric boom lift from your business to assist us on site for 5 days at our client’s premise in Ampang. Thank you for great service! We shall contact your company again for future assistance on our job.

Encik Mohammad

Overall, I’m happy to say that your team provided good customer service, affordable electric boom lift rental rates and quality service for my business in Damansara Jaya. Thank you very much!

Jarod Lim

I am delighted with the fast response from your team on the electric boom lift rental enquiry for our company. Everything was arranged well and the boom lift that we used was transported to us within 2 days!


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