Portable Lift Rental Service

Portable Lift Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

One of our company’s – Gigamach Sdn Bhd main rental service is portable lift rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor locations in Malaysia for various company and corporate businesses.

The portable lift is also known commonly as the ascending vehicle or aerial work vehicle. It is a kind of overhanging operation, crossing certain obstacles in the building or and able to assist to carry out multiple operations in one place at a certain height.

The lift access platform has a large load capacity and can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment. These lifting platforms has good mobility and strength.

Our well maintained portable lift for hire are suitable for indoor and outdoor work and storage.

We have the following portable lifts rentals available:

  • mini and personal vertical lift
  • Construction lift for rough site location
  • Indoor and outdoor lifts 
  • Personnel man lift
  • Aerial work platform (cat model)
  • Skyjack lift
  • Spider lift
  • Basket lift and other various lifts for heavy machinery and equipments

Our portable lifts have lifting height ranges from 6m to 41m.

Due to its flexible working range and reach, high job work efficiency and strong safety performance, it is widely used in large-scale engineering construction projects, plant interior and exterior construction work, plant maintenance jobs, municipal services, street lights and wiring maintenance, communication, gardens, material transportation, port terminals, industrial and mining, industrial installation, equipment and light maintenance, three-dimensional warehouse, film and television commercial shooting or event, television broadcasting, laying of high-altitude pipelines products, property maintenance of various venues, construction and painting of elevated bridges during the day.

Our pro team is made up of professional and experienced portable lift operators equip with the necessary training and number of years of experience providing efficient lifting and support and customer service team. We are your one stop shop for all the portable lift machinery and vehicles that you need in your business.

When you find and rent our portable lifts, you can save the costs of operating and maintaining your own portable lift and use them on an ad-hoc basis when needed only. Our portable lift operators will manage and ensure that safety is always the first priority during the lift work operation at the site.

Search no more and fill in our online enquiry form. Make sure you contact us now and please speak to our customer care service representative for help via email or phone call to request for a new quote for a portable lift rental solution for your business needs today and more info at competitive rates (especially for contract and long term jobs).


Our company hired an indoor portable lift from Gigamach to assist us for some lifting works at our warehouse in Seremban. Thank you for great service! Look forward to our next partnership with your company.

Mr Chan

The Gigamach team has always provided us with good service and reasonable portable lift rental rates for our company over the last 2 years of us working with them. Thank you!

Mr Khaw Eu Jin

I am delighted with the fast response from Gigamach team on the spider lift that we needed urgently for use at our construction site last week. Everything was arranged quickly and transported to our location in Shah Alam within a day!

Mr Ooi

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