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At our company, we provide container stuffing, container unstuffing, and lashing of container service of all types including gauge cargo (GP and HQ) containers as well as out of gauge cargo (Open Top and Flat Rack containers) for our clients.

The process where cargo is loaded onto an empty container and subsequently sealed for transport onboard a ship for freight shipping for export is called stuffing while the process of unloading items from a stuffed container is called unstuffing.

Stuffing of the container with air bags or timber is necessary especially when the container items do not fill the entire internal space of the container.

In the worst case scenario, containers that are not stuffed properly could break or go off-board should the ship be caught in bad weather conditions and hence may result in jeopardizing the safety of the container’s content stuff and products within, the safety of other containers and the even the ship.

In order to minimize the risk of damage to the goods inside the container, we have created a systematic and efficient approach for stuffing and de-stuffing items (loading and unloading) from the container to ensure that the items in the container are able to within the stress of transportation through land and sea and will be able to pass for local and international customs clearance at the ports terminal.

Our skilled employees have years of experience in handling the container, special pallet packaging and load process and are trained to keep your items properly secured, packed and stuffed into the containers to be sent to their final destination.

Our men can perform the container stuffing process at our site in Puchong or on-site container stuffing service can be arranged at your company’s location should it be more convenient for you at the appointed time. The container can then be transported using a lift truck to the port or for temporary storage and warehousing.

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We hired Gigamach for container lashing service at our location in Seremban. Thank you for providing us with the excellent service!


We hired Gigamach to support us with container stuffing at our factory in Klang before shipment of our containers via Port Klang last January. Their team executed the task well and efficiently! Thank you for the excellent service!


We arranged for Gigamach to provide us with container stuffing service for our cargo for shipment to Vietnam. Our containers were packed well and the items arrived safely to our company’s site in Vietnam. Thank you!


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