Mini Scissor Lift Rental Service

Mini Scissor Lift Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

There is a wide range of applications related to the mini scissor lift rental.

In many areas of work, professionals must reach different heights to carry out their task.

Therefore, instead of using a conventional ladder, work towers or scaffolding, it is better to use a scissor lift, which can be much more practical.

It is very easy to adjust the altitude of the platform. That’s why wholesale stores, retail stores, and so on.

Uses of Mini Scissor Lift Machines:

In the field of routine maintenance and repair of lighting, cables, etc., the use of scissor lifts has been excellent.

For stores and stores where items are placed on high shelves, it is more convenient for employees to store and retrieve items. The presence of a scissor lift certainly provides more flexibility and agility in the work process of employees.

These lifts can also be very useful for cutting trees, cleaning windows, installing lights, etc. So find one of the best suppliers of scissor lifts and order now!

The Benefits of Using a Mini Scissor Lift:

Ease of use is one of the main advantages offered by these elevators. Moving a scissor lift from one place to another is very simple and it does not take long for someone to be able to use this machine.

Once a scissor lift is put into service, you can accelerate your workflow, which in turn will increase the efficiency of your business operations.

You can get this machine for hire from the best suppliers of scissor lifts at affordable prices.

Scissor lifts are extremely flexible in terms of functionality. You can install a rotating platform on the work platform of this elevator, which will allow the machine to lift heavy loads.

You can also rotate the platform at your convenience. This particular feature is really useful in charging bays. The reliability and safety of these machines are very impressive.

Please contact our sales and customer support service representative today via phone call or send us an email for more info and to get a free quote for our mini scissor lift rental service now.

Our Mini Scissor Lifts & Specifications

  • Platform Height: 9.80 m / 32 ft
  • Machine Width: 1.22 m / 4 ft
  • Working Height: 11.60 m / 38 ft
  • Machine Width: 1.14 m / 4 ft
  • Working Height: 13.96 m / 46 ft
  • Platform Height: 5.80 m / 19 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.81 m / 3 ft
  • Working Height: 7.80 m / 26 ft
  • Platform Height: 4.57 m / 15 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.81 m / 3 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 272 kg / 600 lb
  • Working Height: 7.62 m / 25 ft

Our Engine Powered Mini Scissor Lifts & Specifications

  • Platform Height: 16.20 m / 53 ft
  • Machine Width: 2.31 m / 8 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 680 kg / 1499 lb
  • Working Height: 18.15 m / 60 ft
  • Platform Height: 13.11 m / 43 ft
  • Machine Width: 2.31 m / 8 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 568 kg / 1252 lb
  • Working Height: 15.11 m / 50 ft
  • Platform Height: 10 m / 33 ft
  • Machine Width: 2.31 m / 8 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 909 kg / 2004 lb
  • Working Height: 12 m / 39 ft
  • Platform Height: 7.92 m / 26 ft
  • Machine Width: 1.75 m / 6 ft
  • Platform Capacity: 570 kg / 1257 lb
  • Working Height: 9.92 m / 33 ft


Our company hired a 4m mini scissor lift to assist us at our construction site for a week in Klang. Thank you for great service! We shall contact your company again for future assistance.

Mr Gan

Your team provided good customer service, affordable 6 metres mini scissor lift hire service for my company at Damansara. Thank you again!

En. Azizan

I am happy with the fast response from your team on the small mini scissor lift rental enquiry for our company last month. Everything was arranged well and the mini scissor lift was transported to us on time.


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