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Forklift Rental Service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our company – Gigamach Sdn Bhd has been offering forklift rental service for the past twenty years mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in Malaysia. Throughout the many years of operation we have also managed to gather the much needed experience that will ensure we deliver top notch services to our clients.

Our forklift rental services are designed to meet your needs and leave you satisfied, we have a wide range of forklift equipments to choose from from 3 ton to 18 ton capacity for indoor and outdoor use.

Forklift rental is increasingly becoming popular in various industrial applications and in the transportation industry as they can either be used to move machinery or goods from one section of the factory or storage unit to the other.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your next forklift rental:

  • Well maintained and wide forklift fleet

Our pro team have the latest and very best forklifts available for hire, the twenties years we have been in business have taught us stay ahead of the competition by having the latest and highest quality forklifts available at all times and efficient business system in our business.

Hence, you can be rest assured that the services we offer to our clients are top notch as well.

  • Highly skilled workforce

The technology in forklifts changes with advances in technology generally so to stay ahead of the game, our management have been offering regular training to our forklift operators and staff members, doing so has enabled us to deliver quality service over the years.

  • Free consultation on the type of forklift to hire

Once a client has contacted us with an inquiry on forklift rentals we send our specialist to visit the client and inspect the work task to be performed by the forklift (whether for use at the construction site, or different industries), afterwards the staff member will advice the client on what equipment will be cost friendly and most reliable for the job.  

  • Free and fast quotes

Once a potential client has made an inquiry on renting a forklift and our team of experts have evaluated the task to be done using the forklift equipment, we provide the client with a quotation free of charge immediately after our team of experts have finished evaluating the task to be carried out by the forklift whether it is material handling or lifting products at the warehouse or port.

  • Competitive prices

Our forklift rental prices are very competitive and we always ensure that we offer the best available fork lifts solutions (including battery operated and diesel engine power forklifts, and high reach forklift) at a reasonable special price to our customers. Do check and let us know if you are looking for a forklift rental solution for the long term time period.

All our prices vary with the task you intend to use the forklift for and the types of forklift required for the said job. We also have hand pallet , stackers lift, and lorry trucks for rent. When you hire our forklifts, you can leave the repair and maintenance of the lift and spare parts to our team.

For more information on our forklift rental services or our company please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and professional customer sales and service team for help via call right now during office hours or send us an email to request for a new quote.


We hired a few 10 ton forklifts from Gigamach for 3 days to assist with operations at our company’s warehouse. Thank you for great service! Will shall contact your company again for future assistance.


The Gigamach team provided good customer service, affordable forklift rental rates and quality service for my business in Bandar Baru Klang. Thank you for the great service!

Mr Gan

I am delighted with the speedy response from Gigamach team on the outdoor forklifts for rental for our company. Everything was arranged well and the forklifts were rented to us the next day!


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